Made some more time to make these other  two cards to share with Unity Show and Tell challenge Facebook page. It is  about stripes and plaid with Unity Girls stamps. 

First one is Miranda Girl and I love her because she loves wine... just like me.  Actually this is a card I would love to receive. My birthday was about three weeks ago and I have to admit it was a very different birthday compared to other years. Since most people is lacking basic services in Puerto Rico, the reality is that there are other priorities. Just close people and family remembered my birthday, and those who had internet and were reminded by Facebook. LOL!   It was weird. I say I will celebrate same age next year. Yeah right. Hahaha!


I used patterned paper to dress Miranda and for the main background. Some washi tape with stripes framed the card.  I also balanced all out with sequins, buttons and twine with the sentiment which is like a sentence being completed. 

The second card features Christine Girl.  She’s a Christmas girl.  I also dressed her up with patterned paper and painting; and used similar elements such as button, twine, and washi tape. 

Do you like my cards?  Hope so. 

Keep praying for Puerto Rico.

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It’s been difficult to keep track of regular days ... even more remembering special dates. It’s crazy.  But then again life goes on.  I have to be grateful because under all circumstances after the pass of Hurricane Maria thru Puerto Rico I’ve been positive and hopeful. And I am so very grateful to have a hobby that can keep me thinking, and busy when I need to relax. 

So I couldn’t believe Halloween was so close.  Every year I expect this date with so much emotion. As of today I would’ve had my final costume and would probably be practicing a sketch or a performance. It’s not the case this year but I made some time to make this card...  will share with Unity Show and Tell challenge Facebook page. It is currently about stripes and plaid with Unity Girls stamps.  I said... “why not a witch?”  This is Esmerelda Girl and even though she’s a witch, sure she can be fashion conscious. After all, she’s a girl.  LOL!  


I used patterned paper to dress this beautiful witch. The rest of the stamped image is colored. I also did a special burlap broom to provide dimension. I love it. 

I decided to use this sentiment that is not necessarily about Halloween but thought it was cool for the fashion witch. Several layers of cardstock and jewels would finish the card. 

Hope you like my card. Happy Halloween!

Keep praying for Puerto Rico.

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Hello again. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Here's a card made with CAS style... Clean And Simple.  Despite any simple or complex  techniques used within CAS, this style should be easy to replicate and usually does not carry too many elements.  

So this card has a spray painted doily combined with corrugated carton, cardstock and vellum.   Image and sentiment are from Unity Stamp Co.  I also used eyelets and staples instead of glue to join some of the elements, such as the image printed in paper with the transparency... and the vellum  sentiment.  

Hope you like my card and be open to receive the love being sent. 

Keep praying for Puerto Rico. We are still hanging in there. 

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Hi there. We continue struggling everyday with Puerto Rico situation. It's been hard. We've learned being comfortable is not a synonym of being happy.   We've learned we can live with so much less.  Well... at least some of us are positive and "think" we have learned. Some might seem not to learn anything and still complain about not having air conditioner on while others don't have food. But that's just life. And everybody has a different reality... and different priorities. The truth is that we have to believe. We have to believe this will end. We need to believe this is just temporary and sooner than later we will be "normal" again. 

I want to take advantage of the moments I have internet and if I can share my hobby and art, I will.   Let me share this card I made using Unity stamps. It's a Christmas card and I love the angel. I used lots of different media for coloring it and love the final result. 

I will be sharing this with current Take It Make It challenge of Craft Stamper Magazine. Link:

Hope you like it. Keep praying for Puerto Rico please. 

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Loved this Stamp I recently got as a prize from unity stamp co.  Such a beautiful flower. 

An I love the sentiment too. So true. Specially now that we are lacking lots of basic needs after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Can't complain when compared to others but so sad to see the whole island suffering. 

Anyway...I cut several layers of cardstock alternating red and white ascending sizes.  Using the two white pieces as base I stamped the image three times with different colors.  You could also stamp in the large one and then cut the square in the middle and will have the same effect. 

I assembled inserting the red cardstock between the two whites interrupting the image but creating a cool dimension. Love the result. Do you?

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A coworker friend is having a birthday today.  We've been suffering some of many consequences of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. We haven't been able to be back at the office to support our company because the lack of basic services such as water, electricity, gasoline, phone and internet. The impact of so many people not working and thus not getting money is just one of the factors affecting economy after this catastrophe. 

But we must continue living and enjoying the little things.  My Co worker... She's a beach lover. I made this little sea world in a little box lid, thinking of her.  A little something inside the box for her birthday. 

I used stamps, paper, net ribbons, stones, gems, flag banners, stickers and more...  Hope she likes it. 

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