Hurricane Award

 Hello all!

As you know, we've been living quite an experience after pass of Hurricane Maria thru our beautiful Puerto Rico.  I refer to it as "experience" because I don't like to call it something negative.  It negative in the sense that thousands of families have lost their homes, but I think this "experience" has also brought a lot of blessings and learning.

We've learned to respect Nature...  We've learned that being comfortable is not synonymous of being happy.  We've been able to confirm what a large amount of things we have that we don't really need to live; and we've found happiness by giving.  There is really a long list of things we've learned but there's is one particular one I learned and is that we also need to accept help when needed.  We are very grateful of our blessings and sometimes we just think we don't want to bother anybody.

So, we have helped and we have received help  from others.

As a family activity (for fun) I created this award for a member of the family who really took the extra mile helping everybody.  He helped with his company, with support, and of course he brought us ice when we didn't have electricity... LOL!

I used a transparency in which I hand draw a hurricane shape, then cut and painted with snow marker, that when heated creates a magnificent effect.

To create the award base I used a little box, a wooden stick and chipboard pieces, which I painted with Distress Ink, and then applied Mod Podge.   The effect is awesome. It looks like wood.

We awarded my brother in law on Thanksgiving Day and it was kind of a funny activity that at the same time embraced a very serious message... We are grateful.


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