Watercolor Santa Claus

Merry Christma! Well... alredy looking at the new year coming soon... but I wanted to make this little cute Santa Claus to come alive. 

I stamped the image in an ATC watercolor paper base and colored imperfectly while having fun.  Then I colored a blue background around... and when dried, I applied another layer but only in the center and around the image so Santa could stand out.

I used glossy accents and glitter in some areas I wanted to have dimension.  I also colored with red the very edges of the base.  Love how the colors mixed up on their on...

Finally, I used a fine sharpie to draw the lines in the image so it can be sharper.  Love the result.  Hope you love them too.

Thank you for stopping by and for a wonderful year.

Happy 2018!


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