Happy Anniversary!

Today's a very special day.  It's my 20th Wedding Anniversary.  I am so grateful to have a great friend as a husband...  Yes,  he's first of all my best friend.  I cannot think of anybody else I have trust and feel comfortable telling anything.  And of course, a great husband who's always taking care of me... in all senses.  Thank you my love. 

I made a very simple card for the occasion using stamps from Unity Stamp Co.  Love this image of the two flute glasses and the heart... it is definitely a symbol of celebration and love.  And also, the sentiment.  We both love wine, so this is like a perfect funny message for us.

Added some glitter as champagne and some watercolors to give some life to the image.

Inside the card I also stamped this image of the hearts in strings, and added the numbers of years of marriage.  The sentiment is also a very cool way to say the message other than the traditional "Happy Anniversary".

This is how it looks...  I used different geometrical shapes with irregular forms, including the blue triangles to make whole composition very asymmetric.

Happy Anniversary my love.  Hope you are reading this.  And this is to many more years together!  Cheers!


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