Happy Monday...
I don't usually like Mondays... but I guess it is just because weekends are so cool, aren't they?

Today I am sharing another layout of those I am making to document some things that I have learned or reinforced in the past months... or maybe just things that have happened after Hurricane Maria.

In this occasion I am sharing a photo of me when I was hanging some clothes that I had to wash by hand... Not that it is an impossible thing... I am kind of hands on when I have to be...  But we are very used to washing machines and all mechanical aids... that a simple thing as washing some clothes can be tough, right?

So I just wanted to document this too.  I used a blue cardstock as base for my page and used this wonderful design paper from American Crafts, that goes perfectly with my theme.  I framed the photo with several patterns and also stamped some clouds from Latina Crafter.

I chose this title "I got this"... because this is what was through my mind when I was washing the clothes.  I swear I was like trying to forget about the hot weather and the "tough task" and I was convincing myself that I could do this...LOL...  and I did.

Hope you like my page.  It's a little bit funny... maybe silly.... but it is part of all that I am documenting... and it's my everyday miracles. :)

Happy Monday.


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