Hi Sunshine; Hello Life


After pass of Hurricane María for Puerto Rico last September, we didn’t have electric power for a while (still a lot of people without it).  

We suffered a lot but we also reinforce lots of values, and we learned lots of things as well.  I am always a very optimistic person and value the little things in life so we were always very thankful of all we can do to survive this inevitable fact of not having the services and being vulnerable... and all it meant to our lives. 

One night we decided to sleep outside... in the second floor without roof. I was scared at first because we couldn’t afford to get sick in the middle of this chaos we were/are living in our beautiful island... but my dear husband convinced me and it was the best night. Weather was perfect, mosquitoes didn’t bother and I woke up with the kiss of the sun and the birds singing. 

It is my intention to document some other little things that we lived after “María“. This page is one of them. 

Hope you like it. 


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