Just the 3 of Us!

Hey there!

I have already shared some of these pages in Instagram or facebook but this is kind of the whole mini album of a special day.

Long story short... I have a beautiful goddaughter that a while ago asked to be with only the two of us (hubby and I) for a weekend...  It seems like a very normal thing, right?  but the truth is that we usually share with her on special occasions or mostly when she's with her dad or mom during specific weekends... being her parents divorced.  So, for us to spend the weekend with her, we would need from either one of them to give in some of their time.  This was very difficult to achieve but finally with their consent, her father gave us some precious time.

I decided to document this in a little mini album using "Simple Memories" pocket pages while creating my own cover and using multiple brands cards, papers and more.  I used Crate Paper, Theresa Collins, Glitz, Simple Stories... just to mention some of the brands.

I still think I can add some pages and embellishments, but the core and main documentation is quite done.

We were actually together one day and a half...  We get her one afternoon, went to the movies, had fun... then she spent the night at home...

The following day we had a great brunch, then went to a circus and back in home we made cookies while waited for her to be picked up.

We found out the most she liked was the inexpensive and simple things.  She just wanted to be with us and share activities.  Making cookies was the best for her and this might become a tradition for the three of us... who knows!

We are blessed to have her in our lives and that she loves to spend time with us... and I mean quality time... talking, knowing each other and sharing simple things.

Thank you for you visit.

And thank you specially for your comments... share your thoughts with me please. :) 


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