This is a job for ... Wine! Welcome 2018!

Well...  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Welcome 2018.  I'm sure it is a cliche to say that prior year was not perfect and that we are looking for a better one when one's receives a new year... right?  Well, I'm going to say it anyway... Looking forward to a better year in 2018.   Of course I had lots of blessings in 2017, and great things happened... but also was sad for most people in my beautiful Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria passed and destroyed a lot.  Still struggling with that, but positive that 2018 will bring better outcome.

Anyways... it's going to be a tough job... we need to continue strong and positive...  That's why I think this card is just perfect to communicate how I feel. LOL!

Coffee will not do it... We'll need better than caffeine...  This is a job for wine!  Cheers to 2018!

I sprayed some water in the card base and played with the different watercolor paints...   I then framed it with cardstock, and distressed one of the edges.

I also used self adhesive cork to frame the sentiment stamped in white... and jewels for a final touch.

Move over coffee... and move over all the negative things, the pessimism, and long faces.  We are ready for wine, for optimism, hard work and smiles...

Happy New Year everybody!


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