Two Quick Layouts

Hello my dear friends...

Remember I made a layout about a specific happening/learning during struggle of Maria's Hurricane?   Reference HERE.

Well... I intend to make several layouts to document some of the other things that happened or are related to the pass of Hurricane Maria thru Puerto Rico...  It's not a complain whatsoever, but just to remember some things that were and are still being part of our everyday life, worth to remember.

My beautiful Puerto Rico always offers great skies... sunrise or sunset... you enjoy looking at our skies and the different kind of clouds... and the colors...  I'm used to photograph our skies all the time and sometimes I find myself with lots of photos of clouds and skies in my phone... LOL.

But the couple of weeks after Hurricane Maria, I think there was something special in the sky...  There was hope... there was a message of beauty, new beginnings, and faith.   At least that what I felt.  So I chose three photos to represent this in this simple layout.

Another experience related to Hurricane Maria has to be with my birthday.  Yes... my birthday.  I had planned to go to a spa, or maybe have dinner with my husband, or who knows if gathering with friends to celebrate...  But Hurricane Maria had passed about 2 weeks before and we were living chaos in our island.

Millions without basic services such as communications, water, electricity and food.  People without their homes... living in shelters... and lots leaving the island or losing their jobs.

So, the only reason we seem to have to celebrate was my birthday...  but the feeling was not to go to a fancy restaurant of have a party... I just wanted to be there, enjoy the day and be grateful for my life... and the fact that I was going to be able to reintegrate in my job two days right after my birthday (after being very worried and stressful about it)..

So I used lots of elements such as "project life" type cards, patterned papers, stamped images and phrases, buttons, sequins, vellum, and more...

I hope you like my page and thank you for your visit and/or comments.


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