A Jar For Rainy Days

A Jar for rainy days?  I know I know... You think I'm crazy.  Maybe I am a little bit... but yes, this is a jar for rainy days.

This is a mason jar painted with acrylic paint and embellished using cardstock, vellum, stamped sentiments, flowers, and washi tape.



But the cool thing is that it is destined to preserve positive messages...  words from friends...  love and support messages, and all those things you need to hear during your sad days.   Maybe you are going through a though phase in your life (sickness, separation, changes in general...)....

So when you feel lonely or sad, you just open your Jar For Rainy Days and read the messages your friends and family have for you.

I stamped some messages but provide blank cards for handwritten personalized messages too.

Stamps from Latina Crafter.

Hope you like it.


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