Birthday Card for a Friend...

Numbers... numbers... numbers...

How old are you?
How tall?
How much do you weight?
How long have you being doing whatever?
You've been married, for how many years?
What's today's date?
What time is it?

Numbers... numbers... numbers...

Well, I admit they are important. Ok.  We are so much based in numbers and sometimes they are necessary... but I agree with this sentiment in this card.

Age and Glasses of Wine should never be counted. LOL!

I made this card for a friend... and even thought his real birth date is in a couple of days, I decided to show it here today because today happens to be National Drink Wine Day. 

I stamped several numbers in different inks and papers and fussy cut to arrange in a disorganized way...  After all I don't know the age of the recipient of this card. 

This card has some elements thinking of this friend.  The numbers not to count because he never reveals his age...  the rubber circles... (he works with rubber if we count making car wheels as that)... then the sentiment itself... (he likes wine)...  and the base where the sentiment is stamped shows some countries names (This guy loves traveling).
Inside the sentiment "HappyBirthday" is a woven sticker... I think he will appreciate it even though I didn't make it... because he loves sewing and he's very talented.

Happy Birthday friend...


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