Card for a Special Lady

A friend asked me for a card for her mother's birthday.  This fabulous lady is turning 80, and she's stronger than lots of younger women I know.  Her daughter asked for a simple, happy card with flowers and pink...

So, I used these dies from Latina Crafter for the phrase "Feliz cumplea├▒os" and cut them twice in two different papers so I can layer them and have dimension.

I used pink...  pink cardstock, pink vellum, pink flowers, pink pearls and pink ink...  I think I pleased my friend using pink... right?  And then I added some purple, green, white and beige.

The layers start with the pink card base, then a pink swirl vellum, purple spellbinders cut, then vellum slightly smaller, and then a doily.

I think the card will be liked by my friend's mother... I really hope so.   

This woman is happy, active, and she likes to have her liquor shots you know...  so I confess I made her another card on the funny side just in case she wants to use it too.   Come back in a couple of days and I will show it to you. 


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