Funny Personalized Birthday Card

Two days ago I shared a card for a special lady.   Did you see it?  I promised then to show another card I also made for her.  This one's more on the funny side.

This lovely lady likes to get liquor shots... and believe me she does it with grace and can handle more than you think.  When she gets the shots she enjoys saying out loud...  "Up, Down, To the Center, Inside"...  Well this is a very bad translation of the Spanish phrases ... but what I did was to print these as instructions for a happy birthday...  The fifth step is to repeat from 1 to 4 ...

On the design side I still kept the flowery, colorful and delicate side of this woman so I used several layers of papers, over a painted piece of cardstock, a piece of doily, a mini clothespin, chipboard, sequins and more.


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