Mixed Media Challenge: Magic is in your heart

Hello all...

I've made this little piece of art and I love it.  I know I'm bias... I know.  I made it.  But sometimes one don't like a final result on a project and that's fine.

The inspiration comes from current Mixed Media Place challenge.  You can access it HERE.  

Funny that the main color of the challenge is green, but I really got inspired by the phrase more than colors.  "Magic is in your heart".

I had the blessing to travel to Paris two years ago and I felt magic in my heart.  I am from Puerto Rico.... that beautiful little group of little islands in the Caribbean... always tropical weather...  there.   And you see Eiffel Tower in history books and photos and internet, etc... but being there was magic.  That's why the phrase reminded me of that moment and those memories in Paris.

So I grabbed a little piece of chipboard and started creating. I applied gesso as base and then used metals, buttons, jewels, modeling paste, spray paints in blue and orange and more gesso... and more...   I also used mica powder in purple and yes I love this powder.  It is by itself magical when you add water to it.  :) 

Notice the red heart brad on a button... because magic is in my heart...  and also note I intentionally left out some elements and placed after I had colored the piece or just tried to leave them as "original" as possible, because I didn't want them to be painted and wanted them to stand out.  These are the magnet in the center which is the main element of attention (the tower), two jewels -one on center up and another one down to right- because I wanted them to shine (these are my husband and I... symbolically), and the word "memories".   I also tried to be true to the green in the paper clip... After all, the challenge presented lots of green and I want to comply with that... LOL.

I haven't made anything to the photos of this piece -except adding the watermark - because I want you to see the real colors and textures. They are amazing!   Actually, I usually don't modify photos but sometimes add some light to some.  Nothing in this case.

I hope you like it... and I hope my friends at MMP like it enough so I can win this.  LOL...
Will be sharing at their blog HERE.   Stop by and see other fabulous creations.


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