Pretty Girls...

Well I love to make crazy things too.  I've made this before and it's not completely my idea.  I saw something similar to this in a souvenir shop a while ago and I've made some.  This is a photo stand using a clothespin.

For the front I stamped this beautiful image in cardstock and colored with watercolors.  Also stamped a sentiment in vellum and attached.
I glued this to chipboard to make stronger, and then also glued to a piece of wood.  If you don't have wood, you can use any other piece of material just to add weight.

In the back I glued the clothespin slightly above the edge so the piece can have certain inclination and can stand by itself.  

You use it to display pictures...  This was made for someone and not intended to this picture, even though the sentiment goes perfect... LOL...  but here's an example displaying a photo.  I don't know if it should better say "crazy girls are the prettiest"... but ok.  LOL!

Hope you like it and get inspired.


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