Hero Training Layout

Hello my friends...  Happy Saturday...

Let me share with you this layout I made using sketch inspiration from Paper Issues.  Decided to use a photo of my brother and friends in training to be firemen.  I already shared this with my friends at Paper Issues as part of the monthly challenge.

My brother has been a good man in general... with flaws like all people... or maybe a little more than average...  And he has been through a lot... some things because of natural consequences of bad decisions, but some just really bad luck.  I always say he should write a book because there's almost nothing I can mention that he hasn't experienced or gone through...

But he has so many talents too... one thing he's always had is this gift to help others, specially elder or sick people, or in need.  That is one thing he's always done with his heart.

For the last couple of months he's been attending an academy to become a hero... a fireman...  and I think this is the job of his life... He'll do perfect because he has gone through so many things that have made him brave and strong, that this is like the accumulation of all his experiences in one task.

So I just wish him the best and hope he really achieves this as expected and that he enjoys being who he is and who he is becoming.

For the layout I used a patterned paper as base, and other design paper and cardstock for the circles and other elements.  I also used stickers, rub ons and chipboard and foam letters combined.  I even used some glossy accents with glitter to add some shiny spots here and there.  You can refer to the original sketch at the end of this post.  Hope you like my page.

My brother is the one at right in the photo.


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