Communication Let me Down...

Hi there!

I am sharing a layout which is a Scraplift from Paper Issues Friends.  They have lots of challenges going on every month, and a Scraplift every Sunday.  Week 4 this month was a page by Cassie Box.

For my layout I used a photo of my DH in the house's roof. What was he doing there?  Well, after Hurricane Maria, we lacked lots of basic services, being one of them... communications.  It wasn't just about internet or special services... it was about not being able to call anyone... not knowing about your relatives and friends... nothing.  You could go by car if you had luck with the devastation in the streets... and if you had gasoline...  We were so disappointed on the fact of communications failure.  I guess nobody expected this to fail... they didn't protect the towers or antennas; probably just thought this would never happen to us...

A friend told us there was one telephone company with open line and that he could get the signal on top of the house. ...   Well... it didn't work for us... but we tried.   

Frustrating face of my husband is priceless....  At the end we knew it was just a possibility.

For the layout I cut several triangles of different scraps patterned papers and positioned dramatically at left.   Photo was framed with several pieces of papers as well and added some elements related to the theme, plus stickers and tags at right.   Thinking about this day, I remember a song from the 80's and that's what I decided to be the title.  Hope you like it. 

Because I liked it so much, I followed the original layout as much as possible.  Take a look yourself!


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