Hi.  Hope you are having a great weekend.  I want to share the second ATC I made for July swap with my mail friends.

For this one, I used a patterned paper as base.  

The message to convey is about beauty.  We all are beautiful in a way, but it's also true we don't see ourselves as beautiful as others do.

So, it's no coincidence I stamped the sentiment in vellum because it's about transparency.  I'm being honest with this sentiment.   

And also no coincidence I stamped the image in white and didn't apply any color.  Beauty is relative so I didn't want to apply any embelishment or color to "beautify" the image.

Hope you liked it.  Here's the snapshot with the two ATCs I made this month.  To see details on the first one, go to my previous post.  

Thank you.

Every month I make two ATCs to share with a group.   The guidelines include to use Unity brand stamps and send over mail by the 20th of each month.  The group includes 10 people so I make 10 of each design, send out 9 sets and keep one.

Since it's already the 27th, I am able to share them so eveybody must have received them already.

For July designs I decided to make one alluding Christmas... Sort of a Christmas in July thing... LOL!

I used green cardstock as base, and stamped the image in the center.  I then sponged some distress ink on the edges and around the "star".   I stamped the sentiment and heat embossed to make it stand.  I also painted the silhouette of baby Jesus to make it darker and then applied some glossy accents.

I also added some "wood" as symbol of the manger.  This pieces of wood are from cedar bags one uses to absorb humidity. :) 

I leave you with a hint of the other ATC I made... Will show you in my next post.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hey there.
Here's another CAS style card made with stamping.

This girl is awesome.  I just stamped her in the middle and watercolored...  

Then added the sentiment and deliberatly cut the paper asymmetrically to be able to insert some doilies pieces at top and bottom of composition.

A little detail with sequins was added with coordinated colors.

As the sentiment says... sometimes simpler is better.

Who doesn't love mermaids?  Well... maybe some people dont like it... But for those who do... I think there are different motives to love a mermaid.   Either you love her because it's a mystical being and you love those things... or maybe because she is believed to be beautiful...  or because it would be cool to be one... or because you love the sea...

I think they are symbol of beauty, dreams, magic and inspiration. 

I don't like the version of mermaids being evil... but anyway... I don't think about it.

I love my new stamp from Unity Stamp Co.  It's not new in the company, but I just got it.  I used some watercolor combined with gelatos to color this beauty.  Her tail actually has some shimmery that cant be noticed in the photos... it's the gelattos paint.

I kept the card very simple.  With the image stamped and colored, I stamped the sentiment separately and combined with doilies and sequins.

Here it is... She's beautiful, isn't she?

Hi everyone!
Already posted this card on Facebook.  Made it as a one-layer creation to be able to participate in the current Unity Show And Tell challenge by Unity Stamp Co.

I stamped the image and watercolored, then stamped the sentiment and created a special border using watercolors too.

Love this image of the older couple.  I belive it's probably a universal thruth or wish to be able to have a life partner until we reach that age.  Do you feel this way too?

Thank you for stopping by.  

My husband works a lot.  Actually, we both do... but in household matters I have to admit he's always busy...  I wish he could rest more.

After passing of Hurricane Maria, we needed water.  Long story short, the water we had in the tank, was lost and the serivce was interrupted as you all already know...

So we had to use water from rain to basic everyday chores...  

I just had to document the fact he was very hands on getting everything done and make it happen.  He does it always... and during this kind of disaster he even did it for other lots of people.  I am very proud of him.

For the layout I used several patterned papers and cards, stickers and letters.  The rain/drops in the light blue paper behind the photo, is a stamp from Unity Stamp Co.