Special Mini Album

 Hello people.

Just wanted to late post this special mini album I recently made but had not shared in the blog.  I guess blogs are disappearing and other social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram mainly, are taking over.  However, I like to post my projects in the blog because it is like my personal library. So, even though followers and commenters have moved or grown over other platforms, hope I can keep my blog.

This mini album is quite simple in terms of the style.  It is a CAS (Clean and Simple) style project.  I have clarified in the past that mistakenly some people think that CAS style is minimalist.  even though it can often be based on minimalism, what I've learned is that CAS style also refer to projects that can be easily replicate.  You can use several techniques and still be creating CAS.  In my case I sometimes just want to make something without stamps and painting or use of powders, etc...  so that for me is CAS.

So, the album is special because it is about my goddaughter.  And it is also special because it is CAS. I essentialy used patterned papers, stickers, cutouts, chipboard, sequins, enamel dots, rub-ons and tiny photos.

My goddaughter graduated from Junior and she looked stunning for her ceremony, and her prom.

But most importantly, she is a good student and a good girl.  She's healthy, she's smart, humble and beautiful.  What else can someone ask for?

She laughs with us, she share her feelings and she enjoys the simple things...

like baking... LOL!

We love her.  She's very special.

Hope you likely mini album. :)


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