Something Cheerful for my day...

Hello my friends.
Hope you are all enjoying life and making things. 
Today's my birthday and I am so grateful to be alive and for all the experiences I've had.
I have to thank God for love, family, friends, and work... well, I love my work even though sometimes it is too much pressure... I hope my heart can keep up LOL!
I'm also grateful for the inspiration, and the opportunity to create.  
And let me just go a little further and be thankful for wine.  :)

I want to share this home decor I made.  I've made a similar one before (HERE).  I used the cardboard corner protectors of a frame.

I sprayed several painting colors and dried, and blended, and dried...

 The colors created some glossy golden and irregular look I just love.

I stamped images and sentiments, and applied embossing powder, and heat embossed.  These provided texture and dimension... So cool.

I then used cutouts, sequins, and different embellishments to finish the decoration in both sides.

I allowed me to be imperfect in some edges playing with the stamps so they continued from one panel to another, and I like the rustic appearance that created.

It's not Christmas yet... but it is my birthday, so I thought I could share something cheerful.  

Have a wonderful day!


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