Secret Santa.... In January?

Hi to all...

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I want to share this unconventional or nontraditional card I made for my Secret Santa.  Yes, I know!!! Secret Santa and we are almost at the end of January.  Well, we had to change the exchange date several times at work and we finally did yesterday.

So I made this box with cardstock and embellished with papers.  The card itself is in the box.

When you open the box, the message is meant to be in the back of the lid (this photo was taken before I wrote the message), and then you have to lift the card.

Notice the "cover" of the card is about Christmas, but then when you continue pulling, you start to see other messages from other Holidays too.  

Mother's Day, Anniversary...

Birthday, or just a Happy Hello...

At the end it was just a Happy Day greeting.

I made this because I really was confused if I should give her a Christmas card given the fact we were way behind the schedule... so I had fun adding other holiday greetings.  I meant my best wishes no matter what we were celebrating ... LOL!

Hope you like it.


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